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Meat Market

In 1978 Howard Haase was looking for a business partner to expand his custom slaughter and processing business, and that great person was Earl Buchberger. (father to Bonnie Pernat) With a lot of hard work, Earl was able to become the sole proprietor of Haase Meats. In 1981 Brian Pernat became a part of that business. Earl and Brian were working with seasoning companies to start the addition of Summer Sausage and other smoked products. Sadly in February of 1983 Earl unexpectedly passed away. With this unfortunate loss Brian and Bonnie became more determined to make this business continue and expand. When the recipes were completed, the lines on Pernat Premium products were established. With that came the new name Pernat Haase Meats.

In 1999 Brian and Bonnie opened up a full service butcher shop in Johnson Creek Pernat’s Premium Meats. As the Pernat family children became more involved in the business, Brian and Bonnie decided to listen to their since past father Arnold Pernat and opened the Pernat’s of Ixonia. In 2014 the Ixonia location underwent a complete renovation and expansion. With the reopening in September 2014, Zachary is very busy managing the new Pernat’s of Ixonia. Our mission at Pernat’s is to provide quality products & great customer service!

We look forward to serving you at any of our three locations.

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